My Big Sister

My sister Wendy helped take the honey. She lights up every place she goes. For a while the honey farm was warm and fun and funny. Magical. This year that “there’s something amazing about this honey!” is the love and energy of my big sister.

Honey in 2020!

The season’s honey is ready.

We sell in two sizes of reusable jar:

–500 ml which is one and a half pounds of honey for $10


–250 ml which is about three quarters of a pound of honey and a very nice gift size for $8

First pollen

Thank goodness for willows and poplars.

Pollen, honey bee, willow, catkin
Willow catkin bursting with pollen

You can see the yellow buds of pollen in the willow catkin–welcome food for hungry bees in the spring.

Catkin is the name for the willow flower. Click here for a good short primer on flower anatomy and on the anatomy of catkin “flowers” in particular.

bee, honey, pollen, willow, catkin, spring
Gorgeous blue sky behind.

pollen, honey, bees, bowls, catkins
See the yellow bowls of pollen