I’m Gwen Anderson and Glory Bee is my place, my dream.

I started bee keeping from scratch in 2015: took the University of Manitoba hobby beekeeping course; hung out at Red River Apiarist Association; bugged folks for information; got things wrong, got things right sometimes.

I hope that Glory Bee becomes a small-medium sized place–a good place for bees and a good place for honey. The place you think of as you’re stirring honey into your tea.

I hope to help bring bee keeping to Winnipeg, to help folks learn about bees and how to keep bees.

I’m in my late 50’s. I’ve worked as a steam engineer for most of my career. Steam is fascinating.

Much of the brute labour and mistake-making that Glory Bee runs on is mine though I have the great good fortune to have the labour, ideas, love and support of family, beloved friends and a crazy-talented in-house design department staffed entirely by my life’s love Bev who in addition to all the design does a good chunk of the hard labour.

I’m lucky and blessed.

If you’ve tried the honey, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line through the Contacts page.

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Gwen Anderson
Gwen Anderson